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Literary Elements and Devices Review

By Ms. Iocco

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3.The main idea, moral of a story, or lesson a story teaches you is known as its _______________________________.
4.________________________ refers to the use of description of figurative language to create vivid images that appeal to any of the five senses.
8.When something occurs that is unexpected, like it snowing in July in NY, this is known as ____________________.
11.is a reference in a literary work to a person, place, or thing in history or another work of literature
12.A ______________________________ is an important recurring idea within a work of literature.
13.The ____________________________ is the main character/s in a story who we get most invested in.
14.___________________________ occurs when human characteristics are given to non-human things.
15.The ______________________________ of a work of literature is its place and time.
1.______________________________ is the method used by a writer to develop a character. The method includes (1) showing the character's appearance, (2) displaying the character's actions, (3) revealing the character's thoughts, (4) letting the character speak, and (5) getting the reactions of others.
2.A _________________________ is an object, word, character, or color that represents a more abstract/complex idea.
5.A ______________________________ is a comparison between two unlike things by using the words like or as.
6.The literary technique in which an author hints about what is to come in a story in order to build suspense is known as _______________________________.
7.A ______________________________ is a comparison between two unlike things without using the words like or as.
9.is a problem that occurs in a story, either internally (inside the character’s own mind) or externally (between the character and some outside force).
10.The ____________________________ is the character in a story who gets in the way of the main character (who we are most invested in).

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