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Algebra Crossword Puzzle MP-3

Samuel Alves-Czachor

  2   3      
4           5  
  6     7                
8                 9        
12 13 14                       15        
    17   18              
  19                           20  
22       23             24    
            25               26  
28                                 29    
31                     32   33              
34                 35                                  
  36       37                    
  38 39           40              
41             42    
  43 44                      
46               47                      

2.The verticle number line
4.The input values of a function
6.A nonnegative number multiplied by itself
8.The result obtained after multiplying two or more numbers.
9.A flat surface which extends to infinity
11.The number above the bar of a fraction
14.A mathematical symbol which compares two quantities
15.The horizontal and vertical line in a plane
16.Another term for exponent
18.A quantity which is to be divided by another quantity
19.Any positive number or zero
21.An algebraic expression containing one term
22.A polynomial written as a product of other polynomials
25.Number of times a number is to be multiplied by itself
28.A number that can be expressed as a ratio
31.Hierarchical structure used to represent the prime factors of a number
33.The point of intersection of the x and y axis
34.A polynomial with three terms
35.A number that can not be expressed as a ratio
36.A line which shows a set of numbers
39.A diagram which measures along an X and Y axis
40.A precise location on a plane
41.A collection of facts
46.The symbol used to represent a square root
47.A number whose only factors are one and itself
48.All rational and irrational numbers
49.A statment where two expressions are equal
50.The horizantal number line
1.A relation between one domain and one range
3.A branch of mathematics that represents numbers through variables
5.The sum or difference of two or more monomials
7.The distance a number is from zero on a number line
9.A symmetrical open plane curve
10.A combination of numbers, operations, and variables
12.A fixed value in an equation
13.The number below the bar of a fraction
17.A line which deviates from being straight
20.Any whole number
23.A mathematical process used to solve a problem
24.The Intersectionf of a horizontal and vertical number line
26.The point in whihc two lines cross or meet
27.A number which has an exponent
29.An algabraic expression containing two terms
30.A letter which assumes a given value
32.A line traveling in a constant direction
37.A mathematical phrase which combines numbers and variables
38.A set of variables or constants arranged in rows and columns
42.Any positive or negative number
44.A set of input and output values
45.The output values of a function

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