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By Hope Bryan

Unit1: ch.1 the science of life

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1.Information obtained using the senses
5.Experts examine the results and conclusion of a scientific study before the study can be accepted for publication (2 Words)
8.A decimal-based standard system of measurement that scientists use (2 Words)
10.One of the fundamental units of measurement that describes length, mass, time,and other quantities (2 Words)
11.The formation of two cells from one existing cell (2 Words)
12.What I the scientist change (2 Words)
14.The high degree of order within an organisms internal and external parts and inter actions with the living world
15.The steady - state physiological condition of the body
16.If then statement
17.An explanation for some phenomenon that is based on observation
18.Study of life
2.Same as control group except one factor (2 Words)
3.Smallest unit that can perform all of life's process
4.A short segment of DNA that contains the instructions for a single trait
6.A statement made in advance that expresses the results that will be obtained from testing a hypothesis
7.What is being measured (2 Words)
9.The series of steps followed to solve problems (used in labs) (2 Words)
11.The piece of and experiment that everything is compared to (2 Words)
13.The testing of a hypothesis is called

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