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Ms. Peppe's Constitutional Review Crossword

1   2                
7             8                
10                               11
      12 13  
14     15                                    
16                       17          

1.Supporters of a stronger central government who advocated ratification of the Constitution
4.The first ten amendments to the US Constitution
5.The power of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government to block some acts by the other two branches
6.A meeting of delegates in Philadelphia in 1787 charged with drawing up amendments to the Articles
7.A group of people sharing a common interest who seek to influence public policy for their collective benefit
8.A British philosopher whose ideas on civil government greatly influenced the Founders
10.A consitutional proposal that made membership in one house of Congress proportional to each state's population
14.A constitutional principle separating the personnel of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government
16.A principal architect of the Constitution who felt that a government powerful enough to encourage virtue in its citizens was too powerful
18.Those who opposed giving as much power to the national government as the Constitution did, favoring instead stronger states' rights
19.A constitutional proposal that the smaller states' representatives feared would give permanent supremacy to the larger states
2.A document written in 1776 declaring the colonists' intention to throw off British rule
3.The government charter of the states from 1776 until the Constitution of 1787
9.A series of political tracts that explained many of the ideas of the Founders
11.A constitutional proposal that would have given each state one vote in the new congress
12.Rights of all human beings that are ordained by God, discoverable in nature and history, and essential to human progress
13.An armed attempt by Revolutionary War vets to avoid losing their property by preventing the courts in western Massachusetts from meeting
15.Change in, or addition, to a constitution
17.The law of the US

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