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Religion and Change

Your TA, Megan :)

This crossword puzzle uses the definitions of key terms from Kottak's Chapter 9, "Religion and Change," and makes a fun way for you to get familiar with some of these important concepts. Be sure to review your textbook for more information and ethnographic (real life) examples of them!

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3.Belief in several deities who control aspects of nature (187)
5.A world religion that began as a revitalization movement.
6.Once a year, a ___ is lifted that allowed Native Australians to kill or eat their own totem (194)
7.Formal, stylized, repetitive, and stereotyped behaviour (a social act) (190)
8.a stage of the rites of passage associated with the "communitas"(191)
11.one form of a revitalization movement is called a ____ ____.
14.Gmelch studied the sport of ___, where pitchers and batters used magic more than fielders (189)
15.animism, mana, polytheism, and monotheism are all religious ___ . (189)
16.Using a voodoo doll is an example of ____ magic (189)
17.Malinowski found that when people are faced with uncertainty and danger, they turn to ___. (189)
18.Sacred impersonal force in Melanesian and Polynesian religions (188)
1.Worship of an eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent supreme being (187)
2.the first stage of Turner's rites of passage model (191)
4.Culturally defined activities associated with the transition between stages of life
5.Using nails or hair of someone to cause harm is an example of ____ magic (189)
9.Witchcraft accusation against poor women without social support were a ___ mechanism (195).
10.Beliefs and rituals concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces (185)
12.Belief in souls, ghosts, spirits, or doubles (187)
13.nature as a model for society (194)

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