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Rites of Passage

Your TA, Megan :)

This crossword focuses specifically on the concept of rites of passage from Kottak Chapter 9 ("Religion and Change", pages 190-194). It is meant to develop your detailed understanding of this ritual, but it is not a substitution for your individual study of lecture notes and text material.

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1.liminal features of a cult may include humility, poverty, equality, ____, and sexual abstinence
4.Rites of intensification intensify _____ solidarity
9.This ritual marks any change in place, condition, social position, or age
13.in the liminality, sexual taboos may be _____ and sexual excess may be encouraged
15.Liminality is marked ritually and _____ by reversals of ordinary behaviour
18.A collective ritual among East African pastoralists involving young teen boys
20.Once a ritual is completed,it enhances the ____ of participants
21.The ___ phase is like a limbo or a "time out", where the person is betwixt and between statuses
23.Victor ____ theorized that there are three phases in a rite of passage
25.Turner's term for the social aspect of collective liminality that invovles community spirit and solidarity
28.The chief of this group in Zambia underwent a rite of passage before taking office
29._____ ceremonies are rites of intensification
2.permanent liminal groups (sects, brotherhoods, and cults) are found in ______-_____
3.Rites of _______ is a collective rite that is not a rite of passage
5.There are _____ between Liminality and normal social life
6.During the liminal phase before taking office, a chief's past and future social positions are reversed reversed/ignored, subjected to___, orders, and humiliations
7.In Liminality, " ______" opposes the "state" in normal life
8.Members of a sect or cult wear ____ clothing
10.In Liminality, " ______" opposes the "names" in normal life
11._____ _____ is an example of a liminal symbol
12.The Plains Indians' ____ _____ (2 words) is an individual rite of passage
14.In Liminality, " ______" opposes the "inequality" in normal life
16.Where pain and suffering are concerned, in Liminality, " ____" opposes the "avoidance" in normal life
17.Malinowski noted that magic and religion can reduce ___ and allay fears
19.fraternity initiates, men at military boot camp, women becomong nuns are _____ passage rites
22._____ groups submerge the individual in the collective
24.This individualistic national group fears "cults" that submerge the individual into the collective
26.In Liminality, " ___ of status" opposes the "status" in normal life
27.During the vision quest, a boy is isolated in the wilderness and may ___ and consume drugs, before he sees a vision that becomes his guardian spirit

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