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Test Taking Strategies

Use the words in the word bank to solve the word puzzles then write them in your vocab section of your journal.

1 2 3 4
  6 7           8        
11             12       13                
15 16                        
19       20                  
      22       23    
  24   25          

5.at the end of hope, hopelessness
7.get rid of
9.attention at a sharp point
11.using different sources to decide a meaning
13.a long distance, very long test of skill
16.making it harder
18.what you find in the end
19.the point of view through which the story is told
21.seeing what is the same between things
22.look at it before
24.how well you do in the test score
1.part of the story or text
2.turning it into your own words
3.most important
4.the work you put forward to succeed
6.someone who gives a test
8.the person doing the writing
10.what you ask
12.your test is disqualified
14.take in information and decide it's meaning
17.the main idea
18.seeing what is different between things
20.get ready
23.take what the author gives and figure out the missing part
25.skip the parts and find what you need

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