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4.Any outcome other than the desired outcome.
7.A variable whose value is the numerical outcome of a random event.
8.When a group of objects or people are arranged in a certain order, the arrangement is called ____.
12.A function that maps the sample space to the probabilities of the outcome in the sample space.
13.A ratio that measures the chances of an event occurring.
1.Probability determined by performing experiments and observing outcomes.
2.A desired outcome.
3.Determined using mathematical methods and assumptions about the fairness of coins, dice, and so on.
5.In permutation order is ____.
6."!" is also called___ in math.
9.The ratio of the number of the successes of an event to the number of failures.
10.An arrangement or selection of objects in which order is not important is called a____.
11.When all outcomes have an equal likely chance of occurring.

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