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Supreme Court Cases


  5                           6  
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2.every defendant on trial has access to a free lawyer
5.death penalty not considered cruel and unusual punishment
7.students can protest government war if not a distraction (armbands)
10.drug testing legal for schools if the activity is extra curricular
16.once again, school's rights over student's, in this case an article in shcool paper
17.this case made abortions legal
1.schools rights over students, even with a inappropriate speech
3.blacks could not be free because they were considered property
4.separate but equal for all races including schools
6.overturns Plessy, integration is demanded, spurs Civil Rights Movement
8.judicial review, judicial branch has check on other two branches
9.cases that said that the government could force monopolies on butchers
11.government can't censor media, even if it is important information
12.everyone has to be read their rights when arrested
13.even the terrorists have to be given due process of law
14.separation of church and state, no religion in schools
15.everyone deserves due process of law, even blacks

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