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1 2
7       8
  9           10 11  
  12               13         14
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3.In a reaction between Cr2O72- and Fe2+ the resulting colour is_______
4.The alkaline _______in a compound are always assigned an oxidation number of +2
6.The iodide ion is a_______ agent.
9.A reaction is not_______if there is no reduction and oxidation.
12.Whenever a fuel is burnt, the carbon is _______.
13.When bleach is added to Fe(II) solution, it went from colourless to ____.
15.The reaction of photosynthesis is _______-in relation to that of respiration
16.In the reaction of iron (ii) and chlorine, chlorine is acting as the____
18.The____ metals in a compound have an oxidation number of +1
20.Half-ionic equations always contain_______.
25.The loss of electrons is reffered to as________
27.In PO43-, phosphorus’ oxidation number is plus_________
28.In any given redox reaction, oxidation and reduction occurs________
30.When writing an ionic equation, you must remove the ____ ions.
1.An oxidising agent itself is__________
2.The _____on a complex ion is the sum of the oxidation numbers of the species in that ion.
5.Oxygen in compounds is assigned an oxidation number of -2 except in a
7.In a reaction between KMnO4 and Fe2+ , permanganate goes from______to colourless
8.When oxidised this specie may change from (+2) to( +3).
10._________ peroxide can be both an oxidising and reducing agent
11.In a reaction between Cl2 and NaI the resulting colour is ________
14.The oxidation number of a specie that consists a_____ion equal to the charge on that ion.
17.In a compound______is always assigned +3
18.Sulphuric acid is used to_______ some oxidizing agents
19.__________ In compounds is always given an oxidation number of -1
21.Cl2 + 2Fe2-> 2Cl- + 2Fe3+: In this equation iron (II) acts as the______
22.Chlorine is a very powerful_______agent.
23.The oxidation number of a specie becoming more negative is called____
24.Elements in their_______state have an oxidation number of zero.
26.Carbon in C6H12O6 is assigned an oxidation number of_________.
29.Chemically uncombined elements are assigned an oxidation number of _________

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