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Mrs. Annapoorna Shetty

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4.The method can be overriden by a derived class
6.A virtual method which defines the signature of the mehod, but doesn't provide an implementation
7.It is the ability to take more than one form
9.The method can only be accessed from inside class to which it belongs
14.The method does not operate on a specific instance of the class
15.It facilitates the reusability of existing code and improves the integrity of programs
16.The method is implemented externally, in a different language
17.The method can be accessed from within the same program
19.An instance of a class
1.A unique way of packing together data of different types
2.Data type stored on the stack
3.The method can be accessed from anywhere, including outside the class
5.The data and functions are bound together
8.The method overrides an inherited virtual or abstract method
10.The method can be accessed from within the class to which it belongs, or a type derived from that class
11.The method overrides an inherited virtual method, but cannot be overridden by any classes which inherits from this class.
12.The conversion of a value type on the stack to a object type on the heap.
13.An alternative to multiple inheritance
14.Built-in multiway decision statement
18.Objects in C# are created using the Operator

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