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Abnormal Psychology

Anthony Van Dam

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    47                       48                         49

2.believes that there are more than one factor to mental health. (2 Words)
8.an irrational fear of a specific situation or thing. (2 Words)
10.a disorder characterized by panic attacks. (2 Words)
12.unofficial term to describe any psychological disorder.
13.disorders characterized by having multiple personalities. (2 Words)
19.schizophrenia charactized by disordered thinking without symptoms of other forms of schizophrenia. (2 Words)
21.a disorder characterized by having multiple personalies. (3 Words)
24.a disorder characterized by being forced by your own body to do something. (2 Words)
25.delusions about people being out to get you. (3 Words)
26.a mood disorder that is similar to major depressive disorder but less severe. (2 Words)
28.a personality disorder characterized by being to occupied in yourself. (3 Words)
30.a personality disorder characterized by overdramatic behavior. (3 Words)
33.schizophrenia characterized by (2 Words)
34.a disorder characterized by anxiety, and flashbacks after witnessing a traumatic event. (4 Words)
36.a personality disorder characterized by the unwarranted feeling of persecution. (3 Words)
38.a disorder that has psychogenic amnesia and the inability to recognize enviroments.
40.a mood disorder that is characterized by depression when there is less sunlight. (3 Words)
41.a mood disorder characterized by depression for longer than two weeks. (3 Words)
42.a mood disorder with a manic and depressed phase. (2 Words)
43.a disorder characterized by inappropriate emotions. (2 Words)
44.disorders that are associated with anxiety, such as panic disorder. (2 Words)
45.allowing your body to be held in any shape and hold it. (2 Words)
46.a somatoform disorder that is characterized by symptoms without a source.
47.fear of public embarrassment. (2 Words)
48.a theory by aaron beck stating depression is caused by unreasonable negative ideas. (2 Words)
1.fear of open public areas.
3.a disorder marked by straying away from average social development.
4.a somatoform disorder that is characterized by severe symptoms without a source. (2 Words)
5.a personality disorder characterized by being over concerned with certain thing. (4 Words)
6.a disorder marked by loss of 15% or more of body weight. (2 Words)
7.a disorder characterized by delusions and hallucinations. (2 Words)
9.a disorder marked by binging and purging.
11.schizphrenia characterized by waxy flexibility. (2 Words)
14.a personality disorder characterized by relying too much on attention. (3 Words)
15.a study conducted by david rosenhan studying if psychological problems last forever or not. (2 Words)
16.schizophrenia that is characterized by neologisms and clang associations. (2 Words)
17.a theory made by Seligman stating that people learn to be helpless after failure. (2 Words)
18.a personality disorder characterized by not being able to care for other's feelings or fit into societal norms. (3 Words)
20.is when a person's cause of behavior is given contradictory messages. (2 Words)
22.a disorder characterized by contant low level anxiety. (3 Words)
23.delusions about being more powerful than you actually are. (3 Words)
27.disorders that are characterized by negative ways of behaving that affect ability to function in everyday life. (2 Words)
29.sexual attraction to an object person or activity not usually seen as sexual.
31.a disorder characterized by not being able to remember things without a physiological cause. (2 Words)
32.disorders characterized by a physiological symptom from a psychological problem. (2 Words)
35.a side effect of schizophrenia medicine. (2 Words)
37.a developmental disorder marked by the inability to focus for too long. (2 Words)
39.perceptions in the absence of any stimulus.
49.a manual that has every symptom of every psychological disorder to date.

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