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Ch7 Wireless, Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce


2 3             4
7                         8      
9                                   10
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3.A wireless access point which provides service to a number of users within a small perimeter (up to 60 m)
6.Electronic payments for small purchase amounts
7.________ Earth orbit is satellites which orbit 35,900 kms directly above the equator
8.Uses 802.11g standard and can transmit up to 54 Mbps and has about 100 m range
9.Pervasive computing (2 Words)
11.A type of wireless transmission that uses read light not commonly visible to human eyes
14.WiFi (2 Words)
17.Multiple Wi-Fi access points used to create a WAN (2 Words)
19.Telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal between communicating devices
20.an industry specification used to create small personal area networks
21.A wireless technology that allows manufacturers to attach tags with antennas and computer chips on goods to track their movement through radio signals
1.Standard that enables wireless devices with tiny display screens, low bandwidth connections, and minimal memory to access web-based info and services
2.Near-field communication
4.digital radio (2 Words)
5.Uses radio-wave frequencies to send data directly between transmitters and receivers (2 Words)
10.Global positioning system
12.Uses radio waves to provide two-way communication (2 Words)
13.High bandwidth wireless technology with transmission speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. Can be used for streaming from a PC to a TV
15.Wireless transmission and receipt of data gathered from remote sensors
16.A service provided to digital cellphones that can send and receive short text messages (up to 160 characters in length)
18.Network of interconnected battery-powered, motes placed in the physical environment

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