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Respiration Recap

Mrs Walker

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2.Final electron and hydrogen acceptor; reactant
8.In glycolysis, energy (2xATP) is initially ....
9.Waste product of respiration
11.Enzyme that breaks down fats so they can enter the Krebs cycle
12.What forms as a result of the hydrogens, electrons and oxygen in the E.T.C.
14.Type of ATP formation that happens in glycolysis and Krebs
17.Regulatory enzyme in glycolysis
18.Enzyme to break and make ATP
19.Enzyme that removes carbon dioxide
20.When a substance loses electrons or hydrogens
22.Second stage of respiration; in the matrix
23.Another name for a hydrogen ion
24.Song to help you remember what happens in Krebs!
26.Process of breaking down ATP
28.Where a high concentration of hydrogen ions form in last stage
30.What happens to turn ADP into ATP
31.What lactic acid causes in your muscles
35.Where the second and third stages of respiration happen
37.Process of making ATP due to a high hydrogen ion concentration
38.End product of glycolysis
39.The folds of the inner membrane in the mitochondria
42.Enzyme that removes hydrogen
43.Third stage in respiration; in matrix
44.First stage in respiration; glucose is activated
45.What electrons lose as the pass down the electron carriers
46.Respiration involving oxygen
47.Product of anaerobic respiration in yeast
48.Factor that affects respiration
49.Substance that absorbs carbon dioxide in a respirometer
1.What glucose, lactate, oxygen and carbon dioxide travel around in in the body
3.The respiratory substrate
4.The most common hydrogen acceptor; a coenzyme
5.Type of ATP formation that happens in the last stage
6.Where respiration needs to happen very quickly in exercise
7.How many times Link and Krebs happen per glucose molecule
10.Last stage of respiration; on the cristae of the mitochondria
13.When a substance gains electrons of hydrogens
15.Word meaning splitting
16.Product of anaerobic respiration in animals
21.What electrons pass down in oxidative phosphorylation
25.Where the first stage of respiration happens
27.Equipment used to measure respiration
29.Another hydrogen acceptor; only involved in Krebs
32.Type of respiration without oxygen
33.Period after exercise when you carry on breathing deeply
34.Energy currency of the cell
35.Organelle where respiration happens
36.Process of fuel burning to release energy
40.Final product of the Link Reaction
41.What lactate is turned into for storage in the liver

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