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Medical Terminology

Tabitha Benson

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5.condition is abnormal enlargement of ureter
11.combinng form for ciliary body
12.this canal can harbour mites in cats and dogs (2 words)
14.part of the ear that contains the ear ossicles (2 words)
15.influences the sleep-wakefulness cycle
17.condition commonly known as bad breath
19.tingling, burning, and crawling of the skin
20.composed of the brain and spinal cord (3 words)
21.scanty menstrual period
23.difficulty in swallowing
27.enlarged prostate (3 words)
28.structure also known as the tear sac (2 words)
30.bacterial STD in which males may experience painful urination and discharge of pus
31.term describes an eating disorder that is characterized by binge eating (2 words)
33.junction between two neurons
34.one of Ms Lisa's favorite words
36.epinephrine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine
37.combining form for tears
39.adrenal glands are also known as (2 words)
40.seizure disorder of the brain
41.insulin is produced by (2 words)
42.removal of the eye that leaves that eye muscles and remaining orbital contents intact
43.abnormal opening between the bladder and vagina that allows the constant flow of urine from the bladder into the vagina (2 words)
1.fifth cranial nerve
2.fertilized egg cell
4.vascular layer of the eye (2 words)
6.term describes bleeding between the conjunctiva and the sclera (2 words)
7.congenital absence of lower jaw and fusion near of the ears on the front of the neck
8.movement of gas in the intestine
9.abnormal protrusion of the cornea
10.bacterial infection of the intestines is characterized by paralysis and is often fatal
13.condition in which eyes tire easily because of weakness of the ocular or ciliary muscles
16.inflammation of both the renal pelvis and the kidney
18.group of symptoms sometimes exhibited prior to the menstrual cycle (2 words)
22.structure that manufactures bile
24.nonspecific resopnse that is triggered whenever body tissues are injured (2 words)
25.combining form for eardrum
26.therm describes the region where vision is sharpest on the retina (2 words)
29.protozoan infection that causes itching and burning of the vagina in females and urethra in males
32.calculus in the tear duct
35.has role in the immune system
38.last portion of the small intestine

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