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Historical Globalization Crossword

Sho Blunderfield

1 2                    
  3 4
5                                   6
9                                 10

1.12 letters. The belief that one’s own European culture or ethnic group is superior.
5.2 words. 18 letters. Boarding schools where First Nations children were gathered to live, work, and study operated by the government of Canada.
7.7 letters. Being forced into work along with having the complete ownership and control by a master.
8.10 letters. An economic system that advocates free trade, competition, and choice as a means of achieving prosperity.
9.2 words. 15 letters. Prison camps where members of minority races were sent operated by the government of Canada
11.2 words. 8 letters. A route used for trade of goods and knowledge that spread from Asia to Europe.
12.10 letters. An economic system and political system whose purpose is to eliminate class distinctions. Everyone would work for the benefit of all and would receive help as he or she needs it.
13.13 letters. To reach information, knowledge, goods, etc. all around the world.
14.13 letters. The belief that one’s own culture or ethnic group is superior.
15.12 letters. An economic system in colonies based around trade where the monarch acquires all of the wealth.
2.2 words. 19 letters. A network of secret routes and safe houses used to aid 19th century slaves to free states and Canada.
3.12 letters. A process that occurs when the culture of a minority group is absorbed by another, taking away their culture as they conform to the majority culture.
4.9 letters. A social system that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production, distribution, capitol, land, etc.
6.3 words. 17 letters. An event that took place when leading countries in power scrambled to claim land in Africa.
10.11 letters. The act of ruling over other countries or regions and claiming it as your own territory and/or creating colonies there.

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