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World War One

Shantea Washington

1 2 3 4 5
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              20     21 22
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    39     40                     41                  
        44           45            

6.A war mostly fought on a trench.
8.Italy, Germany, Austria Hungary
10.included Britain, France, and Russia
12.a person opposed to the war.
16.The treaty that stops WWI.
17.1st mass movement of African Americans.
23.warships used to stop goods from leaving or entering Germany
27.Agreement to stop fighting
29.international organization that armed to promote security
30.situation in which neither side in a conflict is able to gain advantage.
33.American President during WWI
34.became ruler of Germany - Forced Bismarck to resign.
38.deadlocked region in north France
40.World War 1 came to an end
41.policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war
43.German chancellor. A Submarine named after him.
44.Intensified rivalries between nations
46.treaties defending one another in event of war
47.when one country commits all of its resources to a war effort
48.defended Serbia
49.Limiting the amount of goods people can buy
50.this country suffered 1,773,000 deaths in world war
1.Speech or actions that encouraged rebellion.
2.the name for a German submarine.
3.U.S. legislator, women's suffrage leader
4.Assassination of this person was a cause of the civil war.
5.31st U.S. president headed food administration.
7.ruler with unlimited power.
9.Leader of France during WWI
11.Collapse of the Czar's government.
13.one page info made to persuade
14.power to make decisions about one's own future.
15.U.S. statesman.
18.included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey
19.President Wilson's proposal in 1918 for a post war European peace
20.1917 note by a German diplomat proposing an alliance with Mexico.
21.deliberate murder of entire people.
22.the war between the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente
24.Used to carry water for soldiers
25.new technology used to help protect soldiers from poison gas
26.16th President
28.Someone who wishes to get rid of slavery.
31.the land between trenches that neither side controlled
32.special war bonds sold to support the Allied case in WWI
35.assembly and movement of troops
36.Devotion to ones nation
37.dug these to protect themselves
39.War fought between citizens of the same country.
42.declared war on Serbia July 28
45.Won the War

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