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Accessories Special Edition

1       2     3 4   5    
6 7       8            
  10             11  
13                 14          
  16 17              
19             20        

1.New mens all door bag program
4.If you’re not tourist customer you’re a blank customer
7.Items that you add as an outfit completer
9.Updated core Harbour cap
10.Category with cycle counts
13.Where we are adding 3 packs
14.Bestselling women’s belt silhouette
17.What is the last name of people on the cover of TH weekly
19.Kids new footwear launching this Fall
20.Newest fragrance rolling out to ALL doors
2.Footwear program going to all doors in Spring 2014
3.The team that sends inventory to stores
5.#1 style in handbags
6.New core handbag program
8.New women’s all door cold weather item
11.future location of the all Davis and Jetsetter
12.Highest retail item
15.New women’s scarve weight
16.Prewalkers are now in blank apparel door group
18.The #1 dept in US

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