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vocab pg 174-175

kevin hewitt

put the spanish term in the blank

1         2     3        
    4 5
6     7            
    11     12                 13
      15         16  
17   18             19    

1.the opposite of making war (3 Words)
7.goes with peace and _________
8.many people are on a ________
9.to think about (4 Words)
10.not whats down but_______ (2 Words)
11.roldof was a _____ raindeer
14.you are supposed to ________ to the teacher (2 Words)
15.did u _______ him of ur mistake
17.tell the _____ again (2 Words)
20.you have to _________ the beast (2 Words)
2.there are many _________ in a city (2 Words)
3.i totally ________ with you (3 Words)
4.not an enemy but a ______
5.there is an athletic
6.the court said that he was _________ (3 Words)
12.you owe him an ______
13.are you a ________ person
16.do you __________ him/her?
18.the leader of a team
19.there is _____ __ that i am doing drugs (2 Words)

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