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Who Am I

N. Bellow-Mott

Identify the character who fits the description given. Fill in your answer in the spaces provided.

1 2
3             4
    8   9      

3.I went to retrieve Medusa's head and freed my mother from Polydectes. (C4)
5.I wore my birthday suit in a parade. (C3)
8.I transferred from Earth and missed the sun on the one day that it came out in seven years. (C1)
10.I wanted to receive stones that could make me stay young forever. (C1)
12.When my family left our home, all I had to remember my best friends was a bracelet she gave me. (C2)
14.I was given away by my parents to a witch to be raised. (C3)
1.I was completely embarrassed when my family slurped its soup in a fancy restaurant. (C3)
2.I used my magic to help the miller's daughter spin straw into gold. (C3)
4.I spent my eleventh birthday "surviving on my own". (C2)
6.I told coach that I wanted to carry the ball. (C1)
7.I kept seeing a hitchhiker on the side of the road in every state. (C1)
8.I was completely embarrassed when my record skipped during the school talent show. (C4)
9.I spent my eleventh birthday surviving on my own in the woods. (C2)
11.I treated three soldiers who were wounded at Gettysburg. (C1)
13.I was so angry when my husband came home with a new car. (C4)

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