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APES Crossword Puzzle

1 2     3        
    4 5
6         7               8           9
  10 11                             12  
17     18                                      
          20           21
22     23                              
          26   27           28    
  30           31                
  33                         34        

2.a large-scale outbreak of an infectious disease in an area
6.the smallest unit of matter into which an element can be divided and still retain chemical properties
7.The ability of the Earth's various natural systems and human cultural systems to survive and adapt to change
11.A new form of conservation biology focused on inventing new habitats and maintaining previous habitats
13.The number of Mantees left in the world is categorized as this (not many left)
14.An interaction that benefits one species but has little affect on the other
17.mutation and change by natural selection operate independently in the gene pool of geographically isolated populations.
19.An element or inorganic compund that occurs naturally in the Earth's crust with a regular internal crystalline structure
20.a mixture of clay, sand, water, and bitumen, found primarily in Canada
23.Type of agriculture that uses heavy equipment and large amounts of financial capital
25.Another name for acid rain
26.When animals use too much of a land and exhaust all of the resources often by exceeding the carrying capacity.
30.Organic compounds that exists as gases in the atmosphere
31.Mangrove forests are this type of aquatic life zone.
32.Average number of children born to a woman
33.Removing dissolved salts from ocean waters for domestic use. A great way to increase the supply of freshwater.
34.large terrestrial regions characterized by similar climate, soil, plants, and animals
35.A cell surrounded by a membrane with no distinct nucleus
36.The study of living things
1.a living organism that can cause disease in another organism
3.the process where a country becomes more industrialized, leading to their death rates declining followed by their birth rate declining
4.The usefulness in providing ecological and economic services
5.Area of ocean needed to sustain the consumption of a certain group of people
8.Gas or liquid fuel made from plant material
9.method of fishing used to catch surface dwelling fish such as tuna and mackerel
10.an approximate representation or simulation of a system being studied
12.a nuclear change in which two isotopes of light elements, such as hydrogen, are forced together at extremely high temperatures until they fuse to form a heavier nucleus releasing energy in the process.
15.When food energy intake exceeds energy use and causes excess body fat
16.A system where two useful forms of energy are produced from the same fuel source
18.Species with high capacity for population increase
21.A structure built across a river to control the river's water flow
22.this type of rock forms when prexisting rock changes either through high temperatures, high pressure, or chemically active fluids
24.The variety of Earth's species
27.A cell surrounded by a membrane and has a distinct nucleus containing DNA
28.The areal of shoreline between low and high tides.
29.Mass movements of surface water

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