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Path to US Civil War


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58               59            

4.He led the Texans in their revolt against Mexico
7.Political party favouring economic and moral modernization
9.regional division and disunion
13.1857 Supreme Court case that angered abolitionists
14.This party was anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic and pro-American
15.State capital of New York
17.Those who helped slaves escape on the underground railroad
18.He wrote Moby Dick
19.President at the time of the war with Mexico
20.Site of a massacre during Bleeding Kansas conflict
21.He led a slave rebellion in 1831 Virginia
24.When a state's citizens decide to ban or adopt slavery
26.He revolutioned communication by dots and dashes
29.Jackson's practice of handing out government jobs to supporters
31.Hariet Beecher Stowe's ant-slavery novel
34.Territory purchased by the US in 1803
35.She ran the Underground Railroad
36.Slavery was called the _____ institution
38.Their solgan was "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Land, & Free Men"
39.This institution determines constitutional validity of a law
41.name given to those who opposed slavery
42.River forming the border between Texas and Mexico
43.Theory that states have the right to declare a federal law invalid
45.Henry David Thoreau's philosophy of life and how to live it
52.Nickname for Andrew Jackson
53.A famine in their homeland caused a mass migration to America
54.First Whig Party candidate to win election as President
55.the art of negotiating and compromising with other countries
56.new transportation method beginning in 1840's
57.State where you woill find Baltimore
58.President at the time of the War of 1812
59.Who said, A house divided against itself cannot stand.
1.What a slave was regarded as by his/her owner
2.He invented the mechanical reeper
3.In 1860, this product made up over 50% of America's exports
5.John Brown raided this federal arsenal
6.major port at the mouth of the Mississippi River
8.He suffered a caning for speaking out against slavery
10.The idea the U.S. should control all of North America
11.They were the passengers on the underground railroad
12.Long serving, outspoken representative from Soth Carolina
16.Massachusetts town where US industrialization began
19.name given to the inexpensive mass circulation newspapers
22.Nickname given to the gold prospecters in California rush
23.Proclamation prohibiting European involvement in western hemisphere
25.Peace treaty which ended the war with Mexico
27.new party created in 1854
28.Garrison's abolitionist newspaper
30.Congress achieved this in 1820 with Missouri statehood
32.Long serving, outspoken representative from Kentucky
33.Site of legendary 13 day siege during Texas War for Independence
37.The harsh trek the Cherokee were forced to take to Indian Territory
40.he createdd the cotten gin in 1794
44.Tax on imports designed to protect American manufacturers
46.Name of Robert Fulton's steamship
47.Long serving, outspoken representative from Massachusetts
48.Waterway connecting the Great Lakes and the Hudson River
49.The weak and indecisive president just before the civil war
50.Educated former slave who spoke out against slavery
51.The uniquely American religion founded by Joseph Smith

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