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The Golden Compass Crossword

Shannon Taylor

2 3           4

3.A body of religous significance
6.Lyra often ran through Jordan College wild and without a care in the world
7.A fantastic light show
8.The older scholars at Jordan College, and the gyptions often made Lyra feel inferior
10.What operation does the General Oblation Board perform to seperate children from their daemons
11.Philip Pullman connects this to the original sin connected to Eve
12.Giving of something in order to gain something for yourself in the long run
1.An academic journal that interprets the Roman Catholic Church theologies
2.Mrs. Coulter is in charge of this board that gives a type of sacrifice to try to rid children of the original sin
4.Pan is often very reserved and reasonable and Lyra tends to be the opposite and gets upset with him when he holds her back because he is afraid.
5.One of the most important instituitions in Philip Pullmans world in The Golden Compass
7.A type of instrument that Lyra uses to tell the truth about a situation
8.Something to be fufilled whether one knows about it or not
9.A type of energy that Philip Pullman uses to describe a different world than ours

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