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1 2 3
4                                     5              
  6                               7  
9                                       10                    
11 12        
  13   14                 15           16            
19                 20                              
21                           22       23                    
25                         26                            
  27 28                      
29           30
31                             32                          
    33         34  
    37   38                        
      39               40    
41                     42  
      43                   44                    
  46                         47 48
    51                     52
54               55                     56              
57                 58                      

4.Scribes, preists, farmers, government officials
5.individual freedom
6.bands scattered seeds near campsites that resulted in growth of new crops
9.government, religion, economics
10.Germany forced to pay over 30 billion dollars over 30 years
13.are owned by the public and operate for the welfare for all
17.ruled Florence
19.founder of Islam in 570 A.D.
20.Great Britain, France, and Russia
21.rebirth of art and learning
22.a theory arising in the late nineteenth century that laws of evolution
25.Mandate of Heaven justifies royal authority and establishes dynastic cycle
26.great powers of Europe were complicated and shifted constantly to form groups
27.economic liberty leads to economic progress
31.First major city that was developed on a grid system
32.self-regulating behavior of the marketplace
33.Establishment of the early greek-city state
35.took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 16th century to 19th century
38.free market unregulated by the government
39.governments should intervene so that the wealthy and the government take action to improve people's lives
41.lighting warfare
43.increasing nationalism led to a European arms race
44.separation of powers(three branches of government and checks and balances)
46.belief in One God
49.new systems of trade, transportation, and communication
50.formulated the heliocentric theory
51.(temple) center of city-state
53.Competition for industrial dominace develops
54.a doctrine that focused on human interests rather than Godly values
55.Peace in Rome
56.established in 509; voting rights extended only to free-born male citizens
57.the early medieval period of western European history
58.the charter of English political and civil liberties in 1215
1.pilgrimage to Mecca
2.was a major 16th century European movement aimed initally at reforming the beliefs and practices of Roman Catholic church
3.wanted a divorce but the Pope refused so he began his own religion
7.people look at laws to govern human behavior; government comes from the consent
8.the foundation of Islamic faith
11.hatred or intolerance of another race or ther races
12.genocide of over 6 million Jews and other groups
14.exchange of new foods, livestock and diseases
15.a wealthy supporter of the arts
16.Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
17.was a German monk, former Catholic priest that subsequently started the Protestant Refomation
18.Huang He
23.All citizens were equal. Women and slaves were excluded. Education focused on
28.Example of a Renaissance man
29.European nations compete for colonies in Africa and Asia
30.cuneiform, hieroglyphics
34.God of Islam
36.people create government and give up their rights to a strong ruler in exchange for law and order
37.Promoted trade and unified the Empire
40.Tigris and Euphrates
42.more than one God
45.to divert attention to the war effort
47.land that is capable of growing crops
48.in 1492 was credited with discovering the Americas

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