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    4       5                        
    7     8  
9         10                                     11
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4.One in which all major muscle groups are worked three tiems a week, with at least one day off between workouts (3 Words)
6.A group of consecutive reps for any exercise
9.The body system that exchanges gases between the body and the environment (3 Words)
12.Clamp like devices on a barbell that secure weights in place
15.An approach to resistance training that involves rotating from one exercise to the next in a particular sequence (2 Words)
18.One completion of an activity or exercise
19.A fitness program that exercises three or four body areas at each session, at a high intensity (2 Words)
20.Physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive, and that reslts in improvements in fitness
21.A position in which a barbell is grasped with the palms facing downward and the knuckles facing upward (2 Words)
1.Lifting the same amount of weight to the point of fatigue (3 Words)
2.Alternately perform sets of exercises that train opposing muscles, without resting between sets
3.Performing the eccentric, or negative, phase of an exercise only, using a weight 10 to 15 percent greater than one's 1RM (2 Words)
5.Any group of muscles of large size or any large number of muscles being used at one time (3 Words)
6.Any group of muscles of small size or any small number of muscles being used at one time (3 Words)
7.A measure of a lifter's absolute maximum strength for any given exercise (3 Words)
8.An approach to training that uses progressively heavier weights and fewer reps through successive sets of an exercise (2 Words)
10.The amount of weight an individual should lift for a given exercise (2 Words)
11.Alternate sets of exercises without rest between sets (2 Words)
13.The lifter uses the same amount of weight for three to five sets at a training load of 80 to 95 percent of his or her 1RM (2 Words)
14.A position in which a barbell is grasped with the palms facing upward and the knuckles facing downward (2 Words)
16.The duration of the rest periods taken between workout components (2 Words)
17.A position in which a barbell is grapseed with one palm facing downward and the other palm facing upward. (2 Words)

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