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Chapter 34: Reptiles

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3.membrane filled with fluid that surrounds the embryo
7.earliest known reptile
9.order that includes crocodiles and alligators
10.phenomenon in which turtles travels thousands of km to lay eggs
12.type of aggresive turtles
15.alligators lay their eggs in ___________ on the ground
16.largest tortoises in the world, killed by sailors in the past
17.type of fertilization in reptiles
18.only poisonous lizard
23.turtles that live on land
25.membranous sac that collects the embryo's wastes
27.only living species of Rhynchocephalia
28.dry, thick organ covered with scales
30.membrane around the yolk
31.body temperature depends on temperature of the environment
32.nocturnal lizard with toe pads that enable it to walk across walls
1.sense organ in snake's mouth that picks up airborne chemicals
2.turtles belong to this order
4.order that includes snakes and lizzards
5.process in which snakes get rid of their old skin
6.the largest lizard
7.reptile with four-chambered heart
8.tree-dwelling lizard that can change color
11.snake with poison fangs that gives warning before attacking
13.internal skeleton
14.main food supply for the embryo
19.adaptation that liberated reptiles from dependece on water reproduction
20.legs_______the body rather than out to the sides
21.reptile with lower jaw loosely attached to the skull, and no limbs
22.type of shell on reptiles egg
24.snake that wrap themselves around their prey
26.primary organs for gas exchange
29.number of chambers in reptiles hearts

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