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Harvey Crossword


Here's a fun game for your students to play so they know all the terms and names that might apply to the show! Can be played before or after seeing the show, or both and you fill in the answers you didn't know the first time when you go back later!

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    20                             21    
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  35                 36                

1.Intended to each, particularly so as to treat someone patronizingly
4.The owner of a business
7.a tiny spot of excrement left by a fly
9.The maid
10.a cigar company
13.A light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface
15.Advocate for the mentally ill who pushed for reform in psychological practices and encouraged the creation of asylums in the mis 1800's
16.Delirium tremens, which is an acute episode of delirium that is caused by alcohol withdrawal.
18.U.S. book publisher founded in 1898.
20.1930's psychologist who start the expansion and promotion of asylums, popularized them as rest homes for the wealthy instead of the miserable, horrible places they had been
23.The unmarried daughter of Veta. She is in her twenties, and with Elwood around, well on her way to spinsterhood
24.47 year old brother of Veta. He is a regular customer of the local bars and taverns, and is the friend of choice to Harvey, the Pooka.
25.Elwood’s high-society sister. She’s Myrtle Mae’s mother, and very concerned about Myrtle’s future. Thus, Veta is very concerned by Elwood’s strange behavior.
26.Dr. Chumley’s wife
27.The large, rough attendant and “strong arm” at Chumley’s rest. He is a big fan of Dr. Chumley, and would follow him faithfully no matter what.
31.To be driven somewhere.
32.Elderly member of the Wednesday Forum, Veta’s classy social circle. Her grandson is at a good age for Myrtle to marry, and she absolutely loves Elwood.
36.Climbing shrub of the lily family
37.A crazy person
38.A taxi cab driver who may be smarter than all but Elwood himself!
39.a psychological technique often used in the years before 1950 to relax a patient using jets of water.
2.A kitchen in which special diets are prepared, like in a hospital, where there are often patients with special dietary needs
5.A person's face or mouth
6.Straight Jacket
8.The handsome younger doctor at Chumley’s rest. He and Ruth’s budding relationship comes into question when she meets Elwood.
10.The proud, head doctor at Chumley’s rest. He only takes real interest in a few cases, Elwood’s being one of them.
11.The Beautiful, twenty-something nurse at Chumley’s Rest. In love with Dr. Sanderson, but finds her relationship in trouble when Elwood comes around
12.Boys’ magazine that promoted participation in outdoor activities
14.A person who reports on social news in a newspaper or magazine.
17.Popular women’s magazine, often used at the time of the play to spread messages intended for housewives.
19.First used in the 1800's, this was how the courts determined a person's sanity. Developed by M'Naughten
21.A psychological technique popular in the early 20th century that is based on the idea that “any idea exclusively occupying the mind turns into reality.”
22.A drink, usually consisting of whiskey and a mixer
28.The very old lawyer who works for Elwood and Veta
29.A card game for two or more players. Elwood enjoyed playing this game.
30.A special type of hot tub used in hydrotherapy.
33.To handle a situation clumsily or badly
34.Popular radio series of the 1940s where a host asked question sent in by listeners and answered by a panel of five children chosen for their high IQs

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