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Roxanne Marie Robledo

1 2 3 4
5                   6    
7 8 9                  
    12 13                    
    15 16  
  17             18    
20 21              

5.Hades ruled the __________
9.brother of Prometheus
10.half nymph, and half snake creature
13.the elder gods that ruled the Earth were ___ ______
14.far below the Underworld there is the __________
17.the daughter of Zeus and Demeter
19.the ruler or main god of The Titans was _________
20._______ was the son of Zeus and Lo
23.Demeter was the goddess of corn, grain, and ________
24.giant one-eyed monsters
25.an ugly female creature, look into her eyes and you will become stone
1.who wasn't invited to a wedding?
2.the wisest Titan, and son of Lapetus
3.3-headed dog that guarded the entrance to The Underworld
4._____ ________ was killed by Hermes
6.____ was the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and wife of Hercules
7.the greek sun god, son of Hyperion
8.________ was the greek god of death and despised Hades
11.brother of Prometheus and Epimetheus. His punishment from Zeus was to hold the world on his back
12.female creatures with snakes for hair and immortal unlike Medusa
15.capturing Cerberus was the last and final labor for ________
16.a _______ is a half man half horse creature
18.the _________overthrew The Titans
21.a fast flying winged horse
22.The Titan of the moon was ______

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