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#101.00 Incident Command System

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.Responsible for setting up and directing dump site operation in a tanker shuttle/fold a tank operation
5.Responsible for the E.M.S. management of elements within a division
6.In an orderly manner back out of area taking all equipment with you as you go
8.Responsible for establishing and supervising the utilization of incident communications equipment and facilities
11.Responsible for life support skills in treatment area(s)
12.Responsible for formulating and releasing information about the incident to the news media and other appropriate agencies
13.Five short blast on the air horns and dispatch will make a radio announcement
14.team in place for sudden search and rescue of personnel
15.Responsible for managing those units which provide for manpower, apparatus, equipment, facilities, and personal needs in support of incident activities
17.Responsible for the monitoring of safety considerations involving all personnel and equipment
19.Responsible for interaction with assisting and cooperating agencies whether co located at command post or not
20.NO "10" Codes Plain English will be used during all _____ ICS operations
21.Responsible for establishing and maintaining a staging area for incoming resources and holding them until directed to release to a given assignment
22.Responsible for the systematic sorting of patients by priority of injury or illness
23.Order receive, store, distribute, and maintain inventory of all supplies
1.Responsible for gathering any additional help that may be needed (i.e. personnel, equipment, and technical help.)
3.Responsible for understanding the current situation and predicting the probable course of the incident
4.Responsible for the staging and transportation status of ambulances based on the injury classification of patients and the Regional Hospital Categorization Plan
7.Responsible for the handling of all details in the supply of water at a quantity matching or exceeding fire flow Requirements
9.Responsible for the management of incident combat operations
10.Responsible for collecting, evaluating, and dissemination of information concerning specialized technical data
16.Responsible for overall incident activities
17.On _____ incidents the single commander may well serve as liaison, operations chief, logistics, water supply, etc
18.Sets up and directs fill site operations in tanker shuttle operation
21.Responsible for collection and display of current situation status information

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