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#101.17 Vehicle Out-Of-Service

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.Whenever a defect is found that would necessitate taking the apparatus or vehicle out of service, the Assistant Chief of Operations shall notify Dispatch and ____ the information across the District’s paging system
4.The Assistant Chief’s and acting shift commanders will rely on ____ from the operators and Captains to place apparatus out of service
5.A failure of the coolant system that causes the engine to _____
7.Failure of the _____ during time of darkness
12.One or more flat tires, where they fail to maintain _____
16.If a _____ unit is available, the Shift Commander will insure transfer of the necessary equipment and personnel to the replacement apparatus thereby notifying Alarm Dispatch that the vehicle is back in service
17.Ensure that ambulances, fire apparatus and other motorized vehicles are safe to _____ by identifying a list of factors that would render a vehicle unsafe to operate
18.Inability to engage or operate fire _____
1.Most defects do not necessitate placing an apparatus out of service even if the defect is annoying or _____ operations
3.A failure of the _____ system or parking brakes that results in the vehicle being difficult or impossible to stop
6.A failure of a _____ system or other component that prevents the operation of an aerial device or ladder rack
8._____ a procedure to be used to place a vehicle out of service when judged to be unsafe to operate, or the designed function is hindered as to affect the desired out come
9.Any _____ that, if not immediately corrected, would cause further damage to the apparatus, or would pose a danger to the lives of the public or personnel assigned to the apparatus
10._____, alternator or electrical system failure that prevents the vehicle from being started or results in a discharge of the electrical system
11.A failure of the windshield wipers during inclement _____
13._____ of the two way radio system if a replacement or portables are not available
14.A failure of the power steering _____
15.A failure of the ____ system in the patient compartment of an ambulance during periods of temperature extremes when this failure could compromise patient care

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