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Amphibians and Reptiles

Kally Morozin

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1.Verebrates with leathery shelled eggs and scaly skin.
3.The _________ is an eardrum in amphibians.
5.The _________ allows snakes to smell.
8.Animals who eat only plants.
9.The chamber that receives the digestive waste, urinary waste, and eggs or sperm in amphibains.
10.Verebrates with aquatic larva and terrestrial adults.
13.The ________ membrane is a tranparent eyelid on amphibains.
14.Legless, wormlike amphibains.
2.Another word for cold blooded.
4.A thing in a reptile egg the contains all the waste produces from the embryo.
6.The order frog belong to.
7.Animals that have a vertebral column and specialized cells that develop from the notochord.
11.The order lizards and snakes belong to.
12.The membrane that surround the developing embryo in reptiles.

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