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The Sun

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1.What is the lowest layer of the sun's atomosphere called
5.What is the inner most hottest part called
6.Who is known for the concept of the Sun's centered or heliocentric model
7.What is it called representing the earth as the center
11.Where does fussion occur
14.Combining of lightweight nuclei into heavier nuclear
15.What is it called when the middle zone in the sun's interior
16.Dark spots on the surface of the photosphere
17.The way you cook you food is called what heat energy
18.Top layer of the suns atmosphere
2.The relationship of discovering the fundamental and practicing that information
3.What is it called when a arc of gas is ejected from the chromsphere
4.Who is know for the three laws
8.Who is known for the concept of Theory Forms
9.What is it called having the sun as the center
10.Known for proving Heliocentric model was right or geocentric model was incorrect
12.What are created by solar winds
13.The layer above the photosphere

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