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Math is where it's at!

Forbes, K'Nique

Please Complete the crossword puzzle. Take your time.

2 3               4  
6                 7                 8         9   10
  14                           15        
19   20 21                                        

3.The entire group that you are collecting information about.
6.The ratio of the number of favorable
11.A relation that assigns exactly one value in the rande to each value of the domain
14.Data that name qualities are?
15.Any outcome or group of outcomes
16.A set of data that use two variables is?
18.A selection of objects without regard to order.
20.All possible outcomes that are not in the event
22.The product of the integers from n down to 1,for any positive integer n.
24.The ratio of the number of times an event accually happens to the number.
25.The possible outcomes
26.A set data that uses only ine variable is ?
27.A function whose graph is a linear function. You can represent a liner function with a linear equation.
29.Is composed of distinct, isolated points.
30.To solve an equation in the form /A/=b, where A represents a variable expression and b>0, solve A=b
1.If there are M ways to make the first selection and N ways to make the second selection, then there are m, n ways to make the two selections.
2.Likely it is that an event
4.The result of a single trial
5.The part of a population that i surveyed.
7.The distance from o to a number.
8.A variable that provides the input values of a function.
9.Data that mwasure quantity and can be described numerically are?
10.A value of the independent variable.
12.A value of the dependent variable.
13.Is a graph that is unbroken
17.A variable that provides the output values of a function.
19.A function whose graph is not a line or part of a line.
21.Describe the likelihood of an vent as a ratio comparing the number of favorable and unflavorable outcomes
23.An arrangement of objects in a specific order.
28.A sampling error that causes one option to seem better than another.

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