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istep part two practice


a puzzle to help you learn some key test word concepts. will help with word search and grant you extra credit homework grade.

1 2 3
7     8          
  11 12            
13   14          

4.the most important idea
5.first paragraph introduces subject body and conclusion are other two types
6.to say how things are different
7.explain by giving details
10.the thing which tells what to write or being on time
11.the story teller
13.test in question
15.usually one of three main paragraphs with introduction and conclusion
1.writing type where you try and persuade someone of something
2.what you think, not facts
3.things which all humans share to some degree two words
8.to state how things are alike
9.writing type often persuasive on istep test
12.person who writes something
14.underlying purpose or main idea of a piece of writing

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