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Scientific Revolution and Enlightment

Devin Patel

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3.Explained how blood was pumped by the heart and circulated throughout the body (2 Words)
6.Principle of checks and balances would ensure that no single branch of government became too powerful as the other two branches could check excess power (3 Words)
11.He hated bigotry and injustice and called for religious toleration; Advocated "enlightened despotism"
12.promoted political & educational equality for women in England (2 Words)
16.Cause: Frederick invaded and annexed Silesia, part of the Austrian Hapsburg empire (4 Words)
19.Existence of God was a rational explanation of the universe and its form; God was a deistic Creator—a cosmic clockmaker— who created the universe and then stepped back and left it running like a clock
24.On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres; Heliocentric view; challenge the Bible’s Book of Genesis that also put forth a geocentric view (2 Words)
26.Assumed the Hapsburg empire from her father, Charles VII; she centralized control of the Habsburg Empire; Brought the Catholic Church in Austria under state control (2 Words)
27.in France argued against idea of an uninvolved or impersonal God
28.Eugene Pugachev, a Cossack soldier, led a huge serf uprising (2 Words)
29.taught need for spiritual regeneration and a moral life that would demonstrate one’s having been "born again"
30.Scientific society in England (2 Words)
33.Leader of the physiocrats in France; Sought to reform the existing agrarian system by instituting laissez faire in agriculture (2 Words)
34.The Encyclopedia; Perhaps the greatest and most representative work of the philosophes (2 Words)
35.Argued against faith in both natural law and faith (2 Words)
36.they were committed to fundamental reform in society
37.Prussia permanently retained Silesia; France lost all its colonies in North America to Great Britain (3 Words)
38.renewed and modernized the study of human anatomy
1.Every body in the universe attracts every other body in the universe; Principle of universal gravitation (2 Words)
2.The general will, a consensus of the majority, should control a nation; "noble savage" (2 Words)
4.His utopian ideas also undermined the legitimacy of Enlightenment ideas (3 Words)
5.The purpose of government is to protect "natural rights" of the people: life, liberty and property; tabula rasa: the human mind was born as a blank slate and registered input from the senses passively. (2 Words)
7.inductive method (of Bacon) + the deductive method (of Descartes) (2 Words)
8.Mathematically proved the Copernican theory; developed three laws of planetary motion (2 Words)
9.argued need for spiritual conversion and religious experience (2 Words)
10."Father of microscopy"; developed powerful microscopes (3 Words)
12.Sought to humanize criminal law based on Enlightenment concepts of reason and equality before the law (3 Words)
13.Restricted the practice of torture; Allowed limited religious toleration (3 Words)
14.Formalized the empirical method that had already been used by Brahe and Galileo; Inductive method for scientific experimentation: (2 Words)
15.Argued humans were essentially like machines, completely determined by outside forces (3 Words)
17.Validated Copernicus’ heliocentric view with the aid of a telescope; Pope Urban VII forced Galileo to retract his support of the Copernican theory (2 Words)
18.violated Austria’s Pragmatic Sanction (3 Words)
20.Built an observatory and collected massive data on his observations of the universe (2 Words)
21.Advocated complete toleration of ideas; A person should be free to worship any religion, or none at all. (2 Words)
22.Separated science and morality into separate branches of knowledge. (2 Words)
23.Cartesian Dualism: divided all existence into thespiritual and the material. (2 Words)
25.Cause: Maria Teresa sought to regain Silesia from Prussia and gained Russia and France as allies. (3 Words)
31.Wealth of Nations --> Considered the "Bible of capitalism" (2 Words)
32.Abolished serfdom and feudal dues in 1781; he gave freedom of religion and civic rights to Protestants and Jews (2 Words)

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