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Confused Words

1 2      
6         7 8
    11             12    
    14     15
17         18    

2.____ is a metal which can be poisonous.
3.______ material can often be recycled into new products.
5.There is only one _____ answer to this problem.
6.______ and Demons is a best-selling novel by Dan Brown.
11.The train was __________ at the platform.
13.We could ____ the gun fire in the distance.
14.The unit marched ___ the function.
16.Bring that _____ now!
17.We all played golf, ________ for John.
1.It is important to bend at the knees and not the _____ when lifting heavy items.
2.I took the ____ and won the race.
4.The ______ of the story is to make every day count.
6.The vehicles parked at right ______ to block the road.
7.__________ supplies were hard to find.
8.Jill decided to _____ a letter of complaint.
9.____ people did not pay for their meals.
10.______ was high after the unit was granted short leave.
12.I will _______ your offer of help.
15.We were _____ into a trap by the masked man.
18.I went to the function ____.

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