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Dance Crosswaord

Addison Simmons

1                   2  
3 4                        
  7       8                   9
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1.A choreographic form that can be described as a series of dance phrases that are preformed in a random order, Each time the dance is done, it is in a different order and has a different appearance.
4.Different but related shapes, movement, or dance phrases. An example is making a different shape out of curves to compliment an original curved shape
6.A choreographic form described as a brief movement phrase that is stated or dance and then developed into a full-blown dance or section of a dance.
7.movement ending on the ground
8.A group of dancers repeats a series of simple movements while, in front, a smaller, number of dancers (or soloists) performs a contrasting, often more complex dance phrase.
10.where the audience looks
11.all moving at the dame time and doing the same movement in the same way
13.guiding, giving, and taking wight from another dancer
14.A dance phrase (A) followed by a new dance phrase (B) and a return to the first dance phrase (A)
16.A dance phrase or section of a dance with subsequent dance phrases or sections that are variations or the original.
20.the same on both sides
21.Choreographic form that consists of a series of movement phrases that are often unrelated but have been brought together to create a single dance with a beginning. A middle, and an end
22.height of an airborne daNCER
23.opposite movement
24.movement that links one element to another
25.where the dancers stand in a relation to otehr dancers
2.Methods used to enhance and carry the dance forward
3.a speed of music or dance
5.One person moves, and the other person’s movement responds (answers) the movement to the initial mover.
7.the stage directions to which the dancer perform their movements
12.a musical or dance structure in two or more part. The main phrase is imitated by the successive dancers at successive intervals. Also known as a round.
15.A story line
17.A choreographic form in which there is a distinct movement or dance phrase, then different movement or dance phrases are added to the original phrase and subsequent phrases.
18.A dance phrase (A) followed by a new dance phrase (B)
19.different shapes on both sides of the body or on both sides of the formation
21.repeat movement

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