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4               5      
7         8                    
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2.Organ that pumps blood around the body.
4.Produced during power exercises such as sprinting, when the demand for energy is high, not enough oxygen is available, and glucose is broken down.
7.Contains cells and a liquid called plasma. It flows around the body carrying various substances that are either made by the blood or needed by the body.
8.Process which occurs in all living cells that releases energy from food. Carbon dioxide is one of the products.
9.A chemical element with symbol O that is essential for cellular respiration in all aerobic organisms.
10.A new chemical formed in a chemical reaction.
11.Process that uses up oxygen to release energy from food. Carbon dioxide is produced as a waste gas.
12.Chemicals that form new substances during a chemical reaction.
13.The essential respiration organ in many air-breathing animals.
1.Process that uses glucose to release energy without using oxygen. Lactic acid is produced as waste.
3.A slightly acidic gas formed with carbon reacts with oxygen and during respiration (CO2).
5.Substances enter and leave the blood through the thin walls of these smallest of blood vessels.
6.Type of sugar made during photosynthesis.
10.Part of the blood. A liquid that surrounds the blood cells.

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