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3.Make small movements with your oar to turn the boat
4.The thing you rest a boat on to check your feet position etc
9.(2) Stop rowing
10.Turn your oars to stop the boat from moving
12.The front of the boat - also the left side of a boat
13.Turning your oar around the opposite way and rowing backwards
14.A method of rowing- only one oar per person
1.(2) The part of a stroke when you're forward and your oar goes in the water.
2.(2) The call so people are ready to lift a boat
5.The thing the oars are put into - on some boats it's removeable
6.Tthe back of the boat - also the right side of a boat
7.(2) To push your hands down at the end of a stroke to get the oar out of the water
8.A method of rowing- two oars per person
11.Another name for an oar

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