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1.It deals with the individual decisions of units of the economy. What is it?
4.What do you call the graphical representation showing the relationship between price and quantities demanded per period of time?
7.what do you call the asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future?
10.What law states that if price of a good goes up, the quantity supplied for that good will also go up?
14.What is the term used to define the act of trading goods?
16.What is the economic good that commands a price referred to as profit or loss?
17.What do you call the man-made goods used in the production of other goods?
18.what is the term for the quantity of goods or services that firms are ready and willing to sell?
19.What table shows the relationship of prices and the specific quantities demanded at each of these prices?
20.What division of economics the relationship among broad economic aggregates?
2.what do you call for the price agreed by the seller to offer its good and for the buyer to pay for it?
3.what do you call the actual or nominal place where force of demand and supply operate?
5.What is the natural resources given by and found in nature?
6.What is the science that deals with the management of scarce resources?
8.What law states that if price goes up the quantity demanded will go down?
9.What refers to the foregone value of the next best alternative?
11.What do you call any form of human effort exerted in productio?
12.What do you call a schedule listing the various prices of a product and the specific quantities supplied of each of these prices?
13.what is the graphical representation that shows the relationship between price of the product and the quantity supplied per time period?
15.What pertains to quantity of a good or service that people are ready to buy?

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