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Ms. Peppe's Political Parties & Elections Crossword

1                     2           3
4   5 6    
8                           9        
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1.Parties that value principle above all else
4.A group legally able to solicit campaign contributions from individuals within an organization and funnel these to candidates
8.Voting for a candidate or party in office because one likes or dislikes how things have gone in the recent past
14.Delegates from each state who manage party affairs between conventions
15.The person elected and paid to manage the day-to-day work of the national political party
16.A closed meeting of party leaders to select party candidates
17.A name applied by some of the Founders to political parties, to connote their tendency toward divisiveness
18.An election in which citizens directly approve or disapprove legislation proposed by the government
2.Voting for a candidate because one favors his or her ideas for addressing issues after the election
3.Voting for candidates who are all of the same party
4.An electoral sytem in which the winner is the person who gets the most votes but not necessarily a majority of votes
5.A primary election in which voters must first declare to which party they belong
6.Elected officials who serve as delegates to the national party
7.A meeting of elected party delegates every four years to nominate presidential and vice presidential candidates and ratify the party platform
8.A time during which a sharp, lasting shift occurs in the popular coalition supporting one or both parties
9.A primary in which voters can vote for candidates in either party
10.A primary in which voters can vote for the Democratic candidates, the Republican candidates, or some from each party
11.An election in which citizens can place on the legislative agenda proposals by nongovernment groups
12.The person currently in office
13.The tendency of lesser-known or weaker candidates to profit from the presence on the ticket of a stronger candidate

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