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What is Sociology?


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1.Parents try and push children in certain directions.
4.Information or research is XXXXX if it is true to life
6.Happening now
7.is information that can be counted in some way
11.way of life of a group of people and consists of norms and values.
12.a normal way to behave
13.of socialisation eg the family, education, the mass media or religion.
14.People around you, your equals are your xxxx group
15.researchers should not put themselves or anyone else at risk
2.The process of learning to behave in a way that is right for your culture
3.people behave as they do because they are controlled by their biology
5.a person’s sense of who he or she actually is
7.data research concerned with feeling and emotion
8.where most people believe in certain ideas of right and wrong.
9.people’s actions and behaviour are based on what they are taught by others around them
10.social rules and ways of acting based upon whether you are male or female

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