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3 4                 5    
  6 7                  
9 10                      
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  21         22            
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30                   31              

1.The leader of Nazi Germany. Responsible for starting World War II
4.Mnanagers who are Low People/Low Production
7.Leaders who are morally or ethically challenged
10.Leaders who micromanage, has poor prioritization, and an inability to delegate
14.Managers who are High People/Low Production
15.Guide to building high performing teams
18.The first emperor of Russia. He acquired vast amounts of land through ruthless means
22.(RM) Teams making good progress towards accomplishing their team goals
23.Mongolian King from Central Asia. Killed his brother and took complete control
25.(RM) Resources that are needed in order to accomplish goals
26.The number of this chapter
29.Difficulties building teams because of their dramatic mood swings
30.Leaders with this tendency believe they are “hot” and have an unhealthy need to be the center of attention
31.During times of stress these leaders become extremely withdrawn and are uncommunicative
2.Title of this chapter
3.RM) Team member level of commitment toward goals
5.(RM) Influence team member behavior
6.President of Iraq. Led a war against Iran. Invaded Kuwait
7.Leaders with these tendencies are arrogant, feels superior and entitled, claims more credit for success than is fair
8.Managerial that concerns a person’s inability to build teams or get results through others
9.Leaders who are fearful of making “dumb” mistakes
11.Islamic Leader. Masterminded the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
12.These leaders tend to be quite charming but take pleasure in seeing if they can get away with breaking commitments
13.Managerial reasons people in positions of authority have difficulties building teams or getting results through others
16.Managers who are Low People/High Production
17.Managers who are High People/High Production
19.These leaders are unable to learn from bad choices but are smart and visionary
20.(RM) Team members should know the purpose or goal
21.These passive-aggressive leaders will exert effort only in the pursuit of their own agendas
24.Unhealthy mistrust of other
27.(RM) Needs to have the right number of people with skills in order to accomplish goals
28.(RM) Teams work out conflicts and disagreements

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