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Materials from the Earth

Mr Anderson

Edexcel GCSE Chemistry 1 Topic 2

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5.Used to test for carbon dioxide.
8.A type of reaction in which an acid and an alkali cancel each other out.
9.A place where rocks such as limestone are extracted from near the surface.
10.Using heat to break a substance down into simpler substances. (2 Words)
11.A type of reaction when two substances that are dissolved form a substance that doesn't dissolve.
13.A building material made by combining sand, gravel and water with a material made by heating limestone with powdered clay.
14.Small particles of solid material that have settled, e.g. on the sea bed.
19.The main chemical substance making up chalk, limestone and marble. (2 Words)
21.Type of solid rock formed by the cooling of liquid rock.
22.A term describing the arrangement of the crystals in a metamorphic rock.
23.Term more commonly used to describe when liquid rock freezes.
26.Crystal size when liquid rock cools slowly.
28.A substance that will dissolve in the given liquid.
29.Crystal size when liquid rock cools quickly.
30.Removal or transportation of broken up pieces of rock.
31.Liquid rock found below Earth's surface.
33.A common example of this rock type- formed by heat and pressure.
34.The solid formed when two substances that are dissolved react to form a substance that doesn't dissolve.
35.A substance that is used up in a chemical reaction.
37.A common example of this type of rock- formed by pressure.
38.Used in chemical equations- (g), (s), (l) or (aq). (2 Words)
39.Describes the change observed with a positive test for carbon dioxide. The substance used turns...
1.Rock that has large crystals, often differently coloured.
2.Liquid rock found above Earth's surface.
3.A material made by heating limestone with powdered clay.
4.A substance that is formed in a chemical reaction.
6.A substance dissolved in water. (2 Words)
7.A way of showing what happens to the atoms in substances during a chemical reaction. (2 Words)
12.Type of rock formed by the action of heat and pressure on other rock types.
15.The symbols of the different atom types making up a substance and how many of each are present. (2 Words)
16.Term used for the particles making up sedimentary rocks.
17.Used to show what happens in a chemical reaction. (2 Words)
18.Preserved remains or evidence of ancient organisms.
20.A substance made up of different types of atoms chemically joined together.
24.A substance that will not dissolve in the given liquid.
25.Type of rock formed by pressure compacting layers of particles together.
27.A substance made up of just one type of atom.
32.A substance that has been melted.
36.Rock than can be formed from sea shells, soft with very fine particles.

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