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Psychology of Personality

Karly Oliveira

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1.He evaluated personality based on facial features and connected it to criminal behavior
3.Potentials with in people to experience the world a certain way.
4.Analyzing personality through elements in language from traits.
8.Masculine side of a woman.
11.A trait that dominates, can summarize an individuals personality.
12.Contrasting cohorts of subjects that have specific traits in common
13.Approach in which a researcher follows a subject over lng periods of time
16.Quality of a healthy personality (social interest).
17.A meaningful coincidence may implement major changesin their life based on occurrence.
20.A disposition that uses a limited number of traits to best summarize personality.
21.The relationship between bumps and contours on the human scull that tells a person personality and mental abilities
22.Slip of the tongue.
23.Aspects of personality that are particularly your own.
24.A body type that is soft and round
2.The underlying need to repeat anxiety provoking pain and potentially harmful experiences.
5.Future goals were critical in behavior.
6.Feminine side of a male.
7.Forbidden impulses are transformed into constructive behavior.
9.Energy of life instinct.
10.Replacing one object of emotion by another object.
14.Observable characteristics of an individual
15.A body type that is hard and muscular
18.A body type that is linear and fragile
19.Combination of genes from parents

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