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Poetry Terms Crossword

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4               5 6 7         8  
  9 10            
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  21   22                

1.a direct comparison between two things
4.the most basic, dictionary definition of a word is its _______ meaning
6.poetry that includes dialogue may be of this form
10."flings" and "sings" ________ with each other
11."He roared like a lion" is an example of this
13.a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one
14."Furnaces blast on with a whoosh" includes an example of this
15.the giving of human qualities to an object, animal, or idea
18.the symbolic or associated meaning of a word or phrase is its _______ meaning
22.type of poetry that tells a story
23.ABABCCDEDEFF is an example of this (2 Words)
24.six feet in a line
2.wording that makes great exaggerations
3.references to ancient mythology in poetry are examples of this
5.an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one
7."old Ned is braying, braying, braying..." is an example of this
8.wording that appeals to our senses
9."lithely, lesisurely he swam" is an example of this
12.when a word in the middle of a line rhymes with a word at the end of the line (2 Words)
16.also known as "open form" poetry (2 Words)
17.five feet in a line
19.poetry that has a strong musical quality and expresses thoughts and feelings about a subject
20.what a grouping of several lines of poetry is called
21.a heart may be used as a ______ for love

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