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Contraceptives Game

An Educating Puzzle

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4.A category of contraceptives in which medicine is released to stop ovulation.
5.Hormonal method. A flexible rod inserted into the arm by a doctor. It stops ovulation. 99.9% effective.
7.Barrier method. A cup containing spermicide that is inserted into the vagina. It is to be left inside of the vagina 8 hours after sex. 94% effective.
11.Two words. Neither a barrier nor a hormonal method. A method in which a female has her Fallopian Tubes cut. This prevents the body from releasing eggs. Sometimes increases desire. 99.5% effective.
12.Two words. Barrier method. Worn around the penis. Protects from pregnancy and STIs. Cheap and does not require prescription. 98% effective.
13.Barrier method. Something that is inserted into the vagina to block the penis from the cervix. It continually releases spermicide. It is over-the-counter. 91% effective.
1.Two words. Hormonal method. A pill taken after sex. Keeps a women's ovaries from releasing an egg for a longer time period. Can be used if another contraceptive fails. 75-89% effective.
2.A category of contraceptives in which the sperm is blocked from reaching the egg.
3.Neither a barrier nor a hormonal method. A method in which a male has his Vas Deferens cut and tied. Safe procedure. Some men have an increase in sexual desire. 99.9% effective.
6.Hormonal method. Something that is stuck to one's skin for one week. It should be replaced every week until the fourth. Stops the female from ovulating. It is small and can be stuck on easily. 99.7% effective.
8.Neither a barrier nor a hormonal method. Involves not having sex for a period of time. It is free and can be used anytime. 100% effective.
9.Two words. Hormonal method. A ring that is placed into the vagina for three weeks and removed for the fourth. It releases fluids that stop ovulation. Can cause lighter periods. 99.7% effective.
10.Barrier mothod. A cream inserted into the vagina to block the sperm from the cervix. Stops sperm in it's tracks. Can be used in addition to other barrier methods. It's over-the-counter. 82% effective.

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