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Animal Behavior

Bianca Bush

All about Animal Behavior

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4.Process where individuals differ in ways that affect their parental care or helping behavior, and thus the survival of their own offspring or the survival of nondescendant kin
6.Change in characteristics over time
7.inborn, natural
8.search widely for food or provisions
10.The regular movement back and forth between two relatively distinct locations by animals.
13.Mating system in which one male mates with just one female
14.timing mechanism with a built in schedule
15.A durable and usually adaptive change in an animals behavior traceable to a specific experience in the individuals life
16.animal that preys on others
1.segments of DNA that encode information needed for synthesis of proteins
2.When prey closely approach and attempt to harass a predator
3.Measure of genes contributed to the next generation by an individual, often stated in terms of the number of surviving offspring
5.Form of learning where individuals are exposed to certain key stimuli.
9.Nerve Cell
11.immediate, closest in relationship
12.The study of the proximate mechanisms and adaptive value animal behavior

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