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Chapter 18 Key Terms

Anthony Kim

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1.Benefits given by the government directly to individuals.
6.Once called "Aid to Families With Dependent Children," the new name for public assistance to needy families.
9.The value of assets owned.
10.Government benefits that certain qualified individuals are entitled to by law, regardless of need.
13.Policies that provide benefits to individuals, either through entitlements or means testing.
14.A method used to count the number of poor people, it considers what a family must spend for an "austere" standard of living.
16.The "bank account into which Social Security contributions are "deposited" and used to pay out eligible recipients.
17.A tax by which the government takes the same share of income from everyone, rich and poor alike - for example, when a rich family and a poor family both pay 20 percent.
2.The official name of the welfare reform law of 1996.
3.The increasing concentration of poverty among women, especially unmarried women and their children.
4.Created both the Social Security Program and a national assistance program for poor children, usually called AFDC.
5.A tax by which the government takes a greater share of the income of the rich than than of the poor - for example, when a rich family pays 50 percent of its income in taxes and a poor family pays 5 percent.
7.A tax in which the burden falls relatively more heavily upon low-income groups than upon wealthy taxpayers. The opposite of a progressive tax, in which tax rates increase as income increase.
8.A "negative income tax" that provides income to very poor individuals in lieu of charging them federal income taxes.
11.The "shares" of the national income earned by various groups.
12.Government programs available only to individuals below a poverty line.
15.The amount of funds collected between any two periods in time.

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