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Mr Anderson

Edexcel GCSE Chemistry 1 Topic 3

1 2
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4.A solution of H₂SO₄. (2 Words)
8.Positive test result for chlorine. (4 Words)
13.Any substances that can show if another substance is acidic or alkaline.
14.Salt formed by reacting sulfuric acid with copper oxide. (2 Words)
16.Gas idenitified using damp blue litmus paper.
19.Broken up.
20.A soluble substance that can neutralise an acid.
21.Product, along with hydrogen, formed by breaking down hydrochloric acid using electricity.
22.A way of describing acids and alkalis. (2 Words)
24.Gas identified using a glowing splint.
27.Type of salts formed from hydrochloric acid.
28.The danger posed by chlorine and other poisons.
29.Breaking down food in the stomach.
30.Type of salts formed from nitric acid.
31.Type of salts formed from sulfuric acid.
32.A solution of HNO₃. (2 Words)
33.The danger posed by substances that easily catch fire.
1.Substances that neutralise acids.
2.The substance found in our stomachs to kill bacteria. (2 Words)
3.Substance used to show the acidity of substances across the full range or spectrum. (2 Words)
5.A solution of HCl. (2 Words)
6.Stomach pain caused by excess acid production.
7.Positive test result for oxygen. (3 Words)
9.An image used to mark a substance as dangerous. (2 Words)
10.Gas identified using a lighted splint.
11.Common polymer that contains chlorine atoms. Proper name is poly(chloroethene).
12.Compounds that can be broken up using electricity.
15.The process of breaking up compounds using electricity.
17.Positive test result for hydrogen. (2 Words)
18.Product, along with hydrogen, formed by breaking down water using electricity.
23.Medicines used to neutralise acids.
25.The danger posed by concentrated acids.
26.A substance used to show if a substance is acidic or alkaline. Often used impregnated into paper.

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